Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What is Google Adsense and How Can You Make Good Amount from it?

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the best paying ad networks on the internet and their are lots of blogger who are making a living with it. When you search on Google, You will notice some small text ads on the top and right hand side and same ads you will notice on many blogs. These ads are the main source of income for blogger and adsense.

How to make money from Adsense?

You can make money by adsense by displaying their ads on your blog/website. You will get paid for each click/impression. CPC (Cost Per Click) rate is different for every publisher. For newbies adsense is the best way to make money online free.

To start earning money from adsense, you will need to have a blog or youtube channel. if you don't have good knowledge of html, you can also start with Blogger.

Screen Shot one of my adsense account-:

Advantages of Google Adsense-:

  • There is no Joining Fees or Charge. You can join for FREE.
  • You can also start with a new site with Good content.
  • There are lots of ads size and options to make them feel good  with your blog or site.
  • Google Adsense pays you on monthly basis by check or wire transfer. (Minimum payout is $100).
  • You can run your ads on multiple website by single account.
  • You can easily add adsense to your Youtube or Admob account.

Types of Adsense Ads

Adsense supports lots of format for website or blog including-:

i) Text Ads-: Text ads support text and link to the advertiser's site. These formats come in lots of size just like 728x90, 336x280 etc.

ii) Image Ads-: These ads come in graphical format and you can also choose to display both text and image ads.

iii) Flash or Video Ads

Google Adsense Payment System

Adsense pays you on monthly basis through check or wire transfer but you will get the payment only if you cross minimum $100 payment threshold. If you don't earn minimum $100 than your earning will be roll over to the next month and when your account will cross more than $100, You will get your payment as per your payment method.

Tips to Make Money With Adsense 

Making good money from adsense requires lots of effort and step by step role of SEO. Here are some of the best tips to make more money from adsense. This is very helpful for every beginner.

i) Always Follow Google's Rule. Check Google's Webmaster Policies and Adsense Program Policies to stay safe.

ii) Never click on your own ads or force anyone to click on them. Buying PPC, asking somebody to click on your ads or using any software or program to generate autoclick or impression against the rule of Adsense.

iii) Always focus on the content, your audience love to read.Writing high quality content boost your website in Search Engine and also provide good value to visitors.

iv) Focus on organic traffic, high quality backlinks and guest blogging to get good traffic for your blog or site.

v) Make sure your blog or site is mobile friendly because if your blog is not mobile friendly than you will loose lots of visitors.

vi) Check your ads format and make sure you also using responsive format for your blog or site to display mobile friendly ads.

vii) Test ads on your pages to find out the best paying ad format for your blog. You can start testing with the formats like 336x280, 728x90 and many more.

viii) Try to place your ads above the fold (This is the area where visitors can see your page without scrolling).

ix) Monitor your performance and adsense also send you regular mails regarding your progress and latest opportunity.

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