What is Blogging and How to Earn Money From it?

In Simple sense, Blogging is a tool that help us to make our presence online and help people to read them and respond them. Blogging is fun way to make yourself express online and one of the most wonderful part of  blogging is earning money from it. In this post we'll discuss more about blogging and how you can earn money with it.

To start a blog, You will need a hosting and domain name. If you are new to the field of Blogging then I will suggest you to use free tools for blogging. You can start your free domain and hosting from Blogger. You can create a free account in Blogger and after that you can start publishing your posts online.

After making a blog, It;s very important to choose your niche. Always choose the niche you feel comfortable to write posts and update. If you will choose wrong niche then it's very difficult for you to write and update your blog.

After updating atleast 20+ high quality posts, You can apply for Adsense and after getting the approval your blog will start displaying advertisement and you will get paid for each single click. Earnings depend upon many factors such as how much traffic you are getting, CPC, the country you are getting traffic etc.

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