Friday, July 12, 2019

How to Rank Your Website on Google in 2019?

Lots of people are working hard to rank their website or blog in Google on first page. But Google always update their SEO algorithm and your blog also need to follow the same. 

First we will talk about backlinks, lot's of people asked me that, is backlinks still works in 2019? then my answer is YES. Backlinks are the most important part of the SEO process.In simple sense Backlinks are the simple incoming links to a website or blog. In Past, If any website or blog has a large number of Backlinks then it's has a good rank in Google and other major search engines. In 2019, Backlinks still plays the important role but only good quality backlinks are beneficial for your website or blog.

Now we will talk about Keywords, Basically SEO Keywords are the keywords and phrases from your website or blog that makes it easy for people to discover your site through search engines. Most of the people still confuse about using the uses of keywords. You can use your keywords in-:

i) Page Title
ii) Meta Description
iii) Subheading
iv) Main Content
v) Images
vi) URLs
vii) Social Media

Finally we will discuss about the SEO Content, which is very important and as you know "Content is the King" So if your blog has everything but your content is not good then you will not achieve SEO traffic. Always write the content which is useful for people and that's very interested for them also. 

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