Sunday, July 7, 2019

How to make money from Youtube?

YouTube is famous for it's videos but you can also make money from it. There are lots of people who are making good money from YouTube. To getting start, You'll first need to make a Channel on YouTube then you will need add some unique videos into your channel.

After adding the videos, You can apply for Adsense hosted account. If you will get the approval then your videos will show ads and you will get paid when someone view your video.

Always remember one thing that don't copy any video from other users because it's against the policy of YouTube and try to make interesting videos like BB ki Vines, Angry Prash etc. The more interesting your videos will be the more visitors you will get for your channel.

Try to make Trending Videos that will help you boost your earning revenue. Trending videos are those videos which become very popular within short period of time. You can check these videos by clicking on Trending.

Select your niche very wisely. Don't select any niche which is very difficult for you to make videos upon it. There are many peoples who are promoting their affiliate links through videos and also getting paid from Google.

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