7 Tips to Earn Up to $100 Per Day from Google Adsense!

Is it possible to make good income through adsense? Their lot's of websites available online which are making more then $100 per day easily, But how? Do you know, They are working very hard to make such amount because in this competition time it's very difficult to make such amount. In this post, I have mention some of the best tips to improve your adsense earnings.

1. Always publish high quality content on regular basis

This is one of the most important part of your journey to make more then $100 per day. If your blog or site don't have high quality content then obliviously advertiser will bid very low on your site. As you know low CPC (Cost Per Click) means low earnings.So, before proceeding to next steps please update your blog or site with good content.

2. Try different size and varieties of Ads 

Adsense support lots of variety and size of ads. Keep testing the best ads format for your blog or site and when you got the right format which paying you more then keep using it.

3. Use best performing ad unit in the beginning of post

After finding the successful ad format for your blog, use it in the beginning of post. This will increase your impression and you will get good value of it.

4. Try to keep the ads above the fold

Try to publish your ads above the fold of the page (The area which user can see without scrolling) to get the good CTR value.

5. Use the best converting ad sizes

Some of the ads format has good CTR and CPC value in adsense, Some of them are 336x280, 728x90, 160x600 etc.

6. Use Google Custom Search

Google Custom Search is just a bonus for your blog. if any user search through it, you will get the commission for it.

7. Add Link Units to your page

Link Units are the great way to make more money from adsense. They display the ads on the base of keywords as per the user choice.

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