Sunday, July 7, 2019

Can You Earn Money by ClickBank in India?

Clickbank is one of the best Affiliate program on the internet and many affiliates are already making good income from it. But the question is " Can you also earn good income from it in India?". Here are some of the doubts, which mostly come into the mind of Indian Affiliate Marketer's.

i.) All products of Clickbank is sell in Dollars so how it will be successful in India?
ii) Price range of the most products is very high (Up to Rs.5000), So how people can buy it?
iii) In India, Only few people believe on digital products.
iv) Most of the People try to avoid card payments because lots of companies are fake on the internet.

These are the basic questions or doubt which comes under the mind of the people before making any kind of purchase on the clickbank marketplace or affiliate link. Only few marketer are success in India because their traffic is convertible.

You can make money from Clickbank in India by choosing the right product with high quality landing page. You will need to target the audience which can easily make card payments.

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