Saturday, July 13, 2019

7 Tips to Write an Effective Resume for a Better Career

HR and Recruiters gives more preference to a better written resume compare to a poorly written resume. As you know, First impression is the last impression and before attending the interview you will need to show off your resume, So you will need to make it much better. Here are few tips, which will sure help you to write a good resume-:

1. Find the keywords which belongs to your job position

Before writing your resume you should check your job profile carefully. Depending upon your interest you might be apply for different jobs and you will need to make different resume for them and you will also need to make necessary changes according to the keywords.

2. Review Different Examples of Successful Resumes

Their are lots of successful resume samples available online and you can also check them to make your resume more effective. This will play a very important role.

3. Use Professional Fonts for your Resume

HR's don't have too much time, So your resume must be very clear and easy to read. In my opinion, you should use Arial or Times New Roman fonts for your resume. Keep your font size between 10-14. By applying these changes, your resume will looks like more professional.

4. Use only the most relevant information for your resume

Try to include your most important information in the resume and try to make it short because HR manager's don't have too much time to read each resume completely.

5. Try to use smart or power words into your Resume

Power Words or Smart Words means try to use words such as "achieved", "Earned", "Completed" etc. for your resume, that's will make a good impression upon the HR manager's.

6. Use a Good Template for your Resume

Using a good Template for your Resume makes a good impression upon HR manager's and it will shows your ability and knowledge to them.

7. Add your contact details with good attention

Add your contact details such as Name, Address, Phone number and if you have good profile over social media then include them also.

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